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About Trips


Short-term global health trips are open.

Please check this page periodically for any updates, or email with any questions.

Our global health outreach trips are at the heart of DOCARE International’s mission of bringing osteopathic medicine to medically under-served communities around the world. For over 50 years, DOCARE’s volunteers have brought much-needed health services to people with insufficient access to care. Early DOCARE teams flew their own airplanes to serve the Tarahumara Indians in Northern Mexico (who have since been made slightly famous by Christopher MacDougall’s 2009 book Born to Run).

DOCARE International has since expanded our care to populations around the world. We’ve conducted global health outreach to Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Over time, we have made return visits to many of our destinations including Nicaragua, Guatemala, Kenya, Peru, and many more.

International Clinical Rotations for Rotating Students and Residents should find details and additional documents available on the Rotations page. Link to About Rotations

Each year, we provide opportunities that welcome volunteers from nearly every medical professional group and academic program.

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